Associations and Affiliations

Professional Associations

American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board
American Association of Drugless Practitioners
American Association of Integrative Medicine
American Naturopathic Medical Association
American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy
American Board of Functional Medicine
American Clinical Board of Nutrition
American Boards of Oxidative Medicine/Chelation Therapy
American Board of Disability Analysts
Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community
Ecopolitan Network of Clinics, Restaurants, Health & Foraging Retreats
Everest Learning
Functional & Dental Health (FDH) Foundation
IAACN (International & American Association of Clinical Nutrition
International Health College, Hospital, & Community Clinic of Nepal
International Institute of Iridology
International Iridology Practitioners Association
International Naturopathic Association
La Luz Medical Center)

About Our Associations

Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community (, founded and directed by Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, DC, DABFM, DABCN, CCN Health and Nutrition Science expert, Holistic Skin Scientist, and worldwide lecturer. Ecopolitan is a USA humanitarian nonprofit organization honored by Nepal’s government as an “International NGO”

Everest Learning Academy, founded and directed by Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, is a Nepali NGO that nurtures, educates & protects nearly 20,000 Disadvantaged Nepali Children ( from child trafficking, by building child-care centers, orphanages, community outreach learning programs, homes for mothers’ groups, adult literacy programs and community care centers, in addition to adopting and supporting hundreds of schools.

Tel-Oren Muco-Cutaneous Method is an effective non-medical, painless, esthetic elimination of skin & mucous lesions without the risks of surgery or biopsy, practiced by licensed physicians in 3 continents.

Biotekt USA ( is a highly sustainable & durable earth-sheltered modular construction; patented, environmentally-friendly technology, utilizing millions of recycled plastic bottles!

PentaTherapy(TM) and Nutrimmune(TM) are comprehensive, individualized, scientific non-medical therapies to alleviate chronic disease, inhibit tissue degeneration, and prevent or reverse cancer progression.

International Health College, Hospital, and Community Clinic of Nepal teach Wilderness & Preventive Medicine; and establish health posts in impoverished areas.

Functional & Dental Health (FDH) Foundation teaches doctors and the public functional medicine, oral Health, & natural sciences MARP”I in Israel

Eco-SphereTM LLC is an EMF-Protected Residential Earth-Sheltered Eco-Village and Permaculture Project at River Haven Natural Sanctuary, Wisconsin (

Partell Pharmacy is a non-sterile compounding pharmacy located in Las Vegas Nevada. Serving Las Vegas for well over 20 years, Partell is also licensed to dispense in 40 other states. The pharmacy has multiple lines of professional nutraceuticals to help the pharmacists council patients in a functional medicine and holistic modality. Compounding specialties include natural hormone replacement therapy, adrenal fatigue, dermatology, autoimmune disease, thyroid, and transdermal pain. (

Affiliates – United States


Life Wellness Forever Clinic
Dr. Cindy Ross, Director
Changing Hearts Against Diversity (C.H.A.D.) (


Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Todd Rowe, Medical Director

Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Todd Rowe, Director

School of Sacred Arts and Training

Lynn Andrews

Society for the Establishment of Research in Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Todd Rowe, Director


Bernard Jensen International Foundation, Escondido

Art Jensen, President

Life Style Counseling Center and Clinic, Escondido

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen


Functional and Dental Health Foundation, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Director

New Mexico

Alternative Therapy Associates, Santa Fe

Maria Gabrielle, ND

Burnham Systems Studies, Santa Fe

Linda Burnham, ND, LMT

Center for Self-Healing, Santa Fe

Willard Dean, MD

University of Metaphysical Studies, Santa Fe

Dr. Helen Stewart, Chancellor

New York

The Center for Holistic Arts


Natural Path

Liz Smith, RN

Natural Health Clinic

Larry Weitz, ND, PhD


Apple-A-Day Clinic

Jack Tips, ND, PhD, C.Hom, CCN., Medical Director


The School of Natural Healing

David Christopher, BA, MH, AHG


Natural Path Center and Clinic

Chad Oler, ND

International Affiliates


International Institute of Homeopathic and Biotherapie Research, Montreal
Jean-Claude Rodet, PhD, ND, Director

International Humanitarian Doctors Without Borders, Montreal
Dr. Jean-Claude Rodet, International Director and Dr. Mark Smith, United States Director


Biological Research Center, Beijing

Dr. James Zhou


International Education Interchange Academy; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, Director

International Medical Administration Center; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, Founder

International Medical Professions College; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, Founder

Japanese Therapist Masters’ Association; (Recognized by the Japan Ministry of Welfare and Labor); Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, President

National Chiropractic Professional School; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, Founder

National Dalian Medical University Japanese Branch School; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, Chancellor

Shibuya Chiropractic Center; Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Yoshiaki Kanaji, President


Foundation for Functional and Dental Health, Tel-Aviv
Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Medical Director


International Institute of Homeopathic and Biotherapie Research, Lisbon

Jean-Claude Rodet, PhD, ND, Director


Society of Natural Medicine, Moscow

Dr. Vladimir Kurashvili


Medy Salud, Madrid

Dr. Roth Musa, Medical Director and President

Sri Lanka

Open International University for Complementary Medicine (Medicina Alternativa), Colombo


Parcelsus Clinic, Zurich

Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director


Healer Holistic Hospital, Taipei

Dr. Ho Yat Sen


Macro Foods Tech. & Biotik International, Bangkok

Mr. Thavisith and Dr. Somchai Boonchuen

Tao Gardens & Tao Gardens Health Retreat, Chiang Mai

Master Mantak Chia, Director