Career Paths

While working in or opening a clinic is a wonderful career choice, with the education you receive from the University of Natural Medicine, there are many additional career opportunities, ways to earn a living, find fulfillment, seek adventure and above all, help others.

Here are some of the career paths our graduates have pursued:

Private Practice: Owning, or working in, a clinic or other institution where you can practice natural healthcare to directly help others who are suffering from illness and symptoms known to respond to natural treatment modalities.

Research: Working independently or with a team to prove the efficacy of natural modalities, herbs, foods, and supplements in healing diseases and symptoms as well as delving more deeply into the untapped potential that is yet to be discovered!

Publishing: Researching and writing books on natural healthcare, diet, exercise, mind-body modalities, genetics, nutrition, herbalism, biology, physiology, and other vital, interesting and popular topics relating to the benefits of natural healthcare.

Consulting Positions: Working one-on-one with clients and patients, business and community groups or working with practitioners in the healthcare industry by acting as a source of information and research.

Education: Becoming a teacher of one or more modalities of healthcare as a way of producing future qualified and capable practitioners who are either just stepping onto their career paths or who have already been practicing and want to expand their knowledge base.

Industry: Working as an industry consultant, teacher, and or practitioner for corporate clients or employers. Especially pertinent to this career path is the fact that so many companies are now offering their employees programs promoting wellness, exercise, fitness, and mindbody healthcare. Many companies help underwrite an education at UNM as well, to benefit from the education of valued personnel.

Lecture Circuits: Becoming a speaker in myriad events ranging from conferences to health expos, and from podcasts to corporate gatherings.

International Opportunities: Taking your talents and education and all of the above pursuits on the proverbial road, offering them to both practitioners and patients, governments and organizations in other countries, including areas with insufficient healthcare, nutrition, and medical attention.